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It is exciting to put one’s imagination into a memory that stays and creates a buzz. We shape our Shades & put them in motion, taking one step at a time. It brings us the satisfaction of seeing a regular pencil sketch make its way into our dream world. From Conceptualizing, Storyboarding, Illustration, Animation to seeing a happy client with a big smile. Backed up by a happy team after a lot of sleepless nights. When we deliver, we Party!

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There is a filmy keeda (bug) in most of us, but we have adopted that bug & made one big family of filmmakers. When it comes to filmmaking, we use our passion and timing to fuel a scene into visual art.
Bringing Action To Brands

Shades & Motion – Video Production & Animation Studio

Bringing Action To Brands

Shades & Motion – Video Production & Animation Studio

“Video production is not just a technical process, it’s an artwork of ideas coming to life.”


We at shades and motion believe in the Gen Z approach towards branding and communication. We have been innovating newer ideas in this field moving content and films. Garnering more views, likes and subtly integrating the brand into everyday storytelling ideas. We are acknowledged as one of the leading video production companies and 2D animation studio in India. Nailing the client’s brief and delivering a product of unmatched potential is one of our main key USPs. We look to create the product that the client has envisioned for themselves and make it insatiable with design and aesthetics. You think it and we make it happen.


Video production is not just about making a video. It is about creating the emotion that the brand feels and wants to showcase through the video. Understanding the brief and the customer’s profile is the key to creating the right kind of content in the video. Content is the most important part of any video production and no one curates video content better than us, in short deadlines with cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality, ever.


Unlimited Areas Of Our Video Offering

We provide video production services to startups and small businesses looking for a partner for their digital media. We work with you, not for you. We are on a mission to build, grow and maintain loyal communities.

Explainer videos are more detail-oriented than regular videos. They have a problem statement, a detailed description of the solution to that problem, how to work around it and also the solution to that very problem. These videos may be created with or without a narrative, regular video form or even in an animated video form.

A live shoot video is a completely different dynamic when it comes to video creation. It deviates from a pre- or post-production schedule but has a clear flowchart as to how to capture real-time emotions in the best possible way. It’s an all-rounded approach to filming a particular live moment or event. It takes different elements and puts them together to create and tell a story of real-time action.

A short film is a motion picture that has a running length of anywhere between a minute to 30 minutes. Basically, it doesn’t have the length to be qualified as a feature film and hence film production house puts it in the short film category. Short films can be of any genre like comedy, horror, drama, documentary, animation etc.

Music videos are created for a music form, album, or artist. These videos may be created for promotional, personal, corporate, events, musical or artistic purposes. The main elements that a music video should aim at are the core performance, the concept for which you are making the video, and the narrative that you want to express.

We all know how important and how much fun TV commercials are. making TV commercials is a rare skill. To understand the product fully and coming up with unconventional and witty approaches to the product is something that only a few manage to do extremely well. To ensure your idea is in sync with the character of the product and to emote that character is good TV commercial making.

Animated film production is a little more technical and needs the graphics modelling expertise. These are computer-generated videos that require an extensive amount of 2D and 3D modelling and motion graphics, character animation, etc. All films are tailor made illustrations, from a regular sketch to a final render. These illustrations and designs are used to create moving renders and figures in films and videos.

We are very experienced when it comes to video production. Different types of videos can be created as per the client’s requirements. They may range from a product film, corporate AV, demo videos, trailers, music videos etc. For every video first, the content is catalogued, the brief is discussed, only then is the video creation started.

Whiteboard animation is a new and upcoming style of video making. It involves images being drawn on a whiteboard while a camera is viewing this drawing. While the curator is drawing, he or she is also narrating a story through their artwork. This entire process is called whiteboard animation. Today, it is being considered as an extremely engaging marketing tool for promotion.

The new and upcoming concept in video making is that of digital films. Why? It is the most cost-effective and convenient way to make a film. Instead of using a film projector or movie camera, a simple digital video projector is used. It is a reel less approach to the conventional film making.

Bringing Action To Brands

What Is a Video Production House?

A video production house concentrates mainly on the content that is in the video form. Customers many times do not want their content in a written or blog form. They prefer a video because of its visual appeal and the ability to tell a story at the same time engaging the viewer. Today, making videos whether for personal, professional or corporate use is extremely popular and looked forward to as it garners a lot of response.


Videos that are made can be of various categories ranging from traditional to contemporary, snazzy to serious, corporate to storytelling. They can be made for theatrical use, simple online videos for personal captures, short films, documentaries, events, Facebook or Instagram reels, corporate videos for the company, marketing videos, advertisements or even animation videos. Depending upon the content and the type of video, the content, pre-processing of data and content and the final post-processing of the video is done.

Why Choose Us!

Why should I choose Shades and Motion's Video Production Company?

Shades and motion is a well-established video production studio in India. They are a bunch of young passionate animators and corporate film makers that breathe life into moving content. We have an organic way of going about the art of video production. We indulge with the client to the deepest level to get a whole brief of the campaign idea. Content is king and we understand that. To curate a good volume of content to then drive into a video stream is essential.


Our video production and animation studio is located in Delhi has subject matter experts who look at each idea carefully and visualize it before it gets executed. Headed by young and fresh teams who come up with great ideas. They have innovative and out of the box ideas that can turn the tables and put a solid twist on any mundane video. Our teams are equipped with the mindset that ‘no size fits all’. That’s why depending upon the client they tend to deliver a product that matches the clients’ attitude and personality.

Our Process

Our Video Production Process

Step 1.

Project Idea

For any video or content to work, you must have clear goals which show your clarity of the brief and T.A. Nailing and understanding the client’s brief is an extremely important part of video making. Planning from point to point and delivering accordingly is very crucial.

Step 2.

Script Writing & Storyboarding

Video making is extensive content writing. Whether you embed that content as a visual or as a voice-over, you must have a script. Without a script, you are just groping in the dark waiting for a failure. From a script, we derive into the doodling and storyboarding stage that gives utmost clarity of angles, perspective, framing, etc.

Step 3.

Video Production

Video production services have two parts to them. One is pre-production which includes massive preparation, writing scripts, curating content. The other is post-production where the post-processing of the video is done.

Step 4.

Video Editing

Video editing falls in the post-production part of any video. Editing is done to chop off any unwanted parts of a video. It can also be used to merge two scenes or two pieces of creation together and make it look like one single flow to the video. Editing is an essential part of video making and a very creative part of it as well. It takes a lot of finesse to ensure it doesn’t just look like a choppy job done.

Step 5.

Final Video

Publishing of a video can be done on multiple social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram etc are flooded with video content that is published from various sources. The major player for publishing video content is YouTube.

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